How do I update my Cover 3D software to the new version?

Upgrading your version of Cover 3D software is simple, but requires extreme caution. Please read the following carefully...

If you are using a reseller library :

If your licence depends on a reseller, your version of the Cover 3D software certainly uses a library of materials specific to this gammists or reseller. It is therefore important to contact him before any modification of the software.

Warning: if you do not contact your resellers before updating the software, you could lose your projects and other data. Cover group is in no way responsible for this loss.

If you are using the Cover generic library:

In case you use ONLY the Cover generic library, you can safely update the software by clicking on this link:

In the event of a problem :

Contact our team at if you have any problems with the installation of the new version of the Cover 3D software. Don't forget to specify the version number you had before the update so that we can solve your problem quickly.